Gettysburg, S. D.

January 1975

Dear Bill,

You have asked mom and me to write down some of the things as they were during our lives before you were old enough to start remembering for yourself.  I will try to give you a synopsis as i remember it.  In so doing I will probably write a lot of words as they sound to me, not as spelled by Mr. Webster. I will try to be authentic and use correct dates to best of my knowledge.  You seem to be interested in history, We have two books here you might enjoy reading.  1) History of Sully County. 2) Dakota Panorama: Both books are well illustrated with pictures of how it was "a way back when".

And so  with no further preface  I will jot down a few things as they are remembered by me.

Dad.                                             Read George's Memoirs>>

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