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I was born on June 17, 1909 and I assume I was welcomed to Okobojo South Dakota with a slap on the butt to make me squall so that the air way to my lungs would open and allow the air to flow in.  Im not sure if a doctor was present or not.  Most cases of childbirth in the early days were taken care of by a midwife, especially in the outlying communities.

 Now as this early stage of my life is mostly black I will move on to a different subject.

 In 1883 Okobojo Township was opened for settlers.  Among the many who came that year to file on claims were J. W. Glessner and John S. Green.  They came with their families.  John and Josephine Glessner had five Children George, Kitty, Charley, Margaret and Hal.  John Green and his wife Sarah had three boys William, Hugh and Charley.

William (Will or Bill) and Margaret (Madge) were later married (July 24, 1902) and had three children Frances (Cathie), Willis and George.                

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