[This appears to be a photocopy of page from a paper called The Times.  It's dated Thursday, June 25, 1996.  The section is called Down by the Old Missouri.  It appears to be a reprint of old news and this obit is in the 85 years ago column.]

Mrs. Elizabeth McGannon died at her home at Okobojo last night.  The funeral will take place tomorrow.   Mrs. McGannon was 94 years and three months of age.  With her husband and family, Mrs. McGannon moved from Indiana to Illinois in 1860 and from there to Yankton in the fall of 1882.  In the spring of 1883 they moved to Sully County and squatted on a homestead, the land not being open to settlers until several weeks after their arrival, and since then the family home has always been there.  She has two surviving sons Isaac and Reuben at Okobojo.